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By friend recommendations, we made a visit to a YG park nursery. It located about 8-9 kilometers away from Equatorial hotel in Cameron highland opposite to a Tea shop.

This nursery carrying enormous amount of carnivorous plants (CP) and its largest CP supplier in this region, to a CP’s enthusiast like me this is a place I must visit.

Ms Leong (the right in the picture) was my tour guide, she is well knowledgeable in CP’s and also very kind in sharing her experience with my wife.

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First stop, Sarracenia’s section. Can someone help me to identify the species!

My heart stop beating for few seconds when i saw my beloved Cephalotuses…

Next, Nepenthes section.

The species that catches my eyes.

N. veitchii from Bario.

N.veitchii type epiphyte.

N. diatas

I forgot the name of this one.

Heliamphora section, these plants are not for sale.

Heliamphora heterodoxa.

And Heliamphora tequila.

Pinguicula mesophytica.

Dionaea muscipula a.k.a venus fry trap (VFT).

The last but not the least, Drosera’s section.

Drosera aliciae.

Other species of Drosera.

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10 thoughts on “YG park”

  1. Linked here from PetPitcher.

    Will be visiting Cam Highlands soon and definitely will seek out YG. Thanks for the heads-up.

  2. You are welcome Hosh. Please send my regards to Ms Leong if you manage to meet her and tell her about this post.

  3. Hi Joshua,

    In my opinion, the unidentified nepenthes look like campunulata or pervilei, if they are species.



  4. Hi Wanakorn & Joshua! I hope it’s not too late to reply. Here’s the details of YG Park (it’s approximately 1 hour drive from Tanah Rata).

    Address: No. 8, Taman Pinggiran Terla, 39010 Kuala Terla
    Entrance is directly opposite Cameron Valley Tea House.
    Office no.: 05-4982866, or 4983186 (Refer to Ms. Chong / Ms. Yonie)
    Look for Kuala Terla on map.

    Have a nice & fun trip!

  5. Envy you very much, this food insect plant factory is very strong, don’t know if can mail order.
    Very nice trip, wishes you delectation.

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