Bucephalandra sp Sintang

Bucephalandra is getting more and more popular recently; it is in fact a demanding plant for plants hobbyists. This genus is a sibling to Cryptocoryne under Araceae family. But unlike Cryptocoryne, this genus got less attention from botanists and only three species are described so far and many others are left without a name.

In my recent trip to west Kalimantan Barat, we discovered different types of Bucephalandra from different places and one of them are found in Sintang. The appearance of the plant is it has narrower leaves and miniature in size; it’s creeping on the rock, few or none of them are found in the water but this amphibian plant does not lack of ability to grow submerge but it preferred emerged condition. The surrounding humidity is high and the misty environment is moistening the plant.

Bucephalandra found growing as dense mats over stones in streams.


The white flower.

An interesting lizard found in the habitat.

This frog has stunning orange red dots.

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  2. Hi, may I know whether do you have any species of Bucephalandra Hades or Ocean?

    Please kindly revert.
    Thank you.

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